Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Day

Well as yesterday did not go as planned at all. Having fondant and icing issues both was not fun. Now that another top tier is baked and cooling, I will get back to the 2nd and 3rd tier. My fondant seemed to want to be very dry yesterday, Hopefully today will be better.
Tier 2 is filled and needs frosted and tier 3 is ready to be filled. Pics will follow as I get them done. Now that other business has been handled I can get back to cake. Have a good day everyone..  Found the problem with the fondant yesterday was the bag of marshmallows was only 10.5 oz and not 16oz.. Had to add more marshmallows and it was perfect..
Tier 1 Vanilla almond with Vanilla filling and almonds
 Tier 2 Carrot cake with cream cheese filling 
Tier 3 English toffee with chocolate and toffee bits filling
Here is the 3 tiers stacked before any decoration is applied.
Hope you'll check back Saturday afternoon for the finished product.. All the butterflies can't be put on till it's delivered..
Have a great night all.

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