Monday, January 3, 2011

Fondant today...

Well today was a trial for Strawberry marshmallow fondant.. OMG it is so good.. I  had to play with the amount of 10x sugar cause it is only a 10 oz bag instead of 16oz. But the end result was yummy. I think I will be trying it with the caramel swirl and chocolate swirl marshmallows and using it when ever I can. I believe that It may cost a little less to lightly cover with icing then cover with the MMF. Gonna have to price that out and see.

Now on the the Butterflies
 Black wings on unpainted bodies, the wings will get there glitter on Wednesday.
 Black and silver bodies
I will be finishing the bodies tomorrow.

I am also thinking about taking a new online coarse that teaches techniques that Wilton doesn't teach. I found the online school while looking through the I.C.E.D. Site. I would be able to  take my time(up to 6 months) to master each technique. I have looked through the book on Amazon and it looks like it would be worth the small fee. I will think it over and decide by the end of the month.
Till tomorrow have a good evening.

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