Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monogram day..

Good Morning.... Well almost after another few cups of coffee it will be.. LOL 
Today's docket is Monogram letters for the top of the cake. Making a few different varieties, gumpaste and royal icing. I'm not sure what's gonna dry faster and this is a last minute thing... also gonna make some ribbon roses and royal icing roses in black just in case we need something to go around the bottom of the letters supports.  4 day's to go. 
All the butterflies are glued together and ready, fondant is made. Tomorrow is gonna be baking day, so taking it easy today. 
Got to get my travel kit around just in case something happens on the car ride to delivery.
Have a great day. Pictures will follow 
Well after try 1 I didn't like the look when it was done in royal icing. So I went with the gumpaste.. Here is the base letters, they will be painted black and silver after they dry, so they match the butterflies
Before paint job and pixie dust 
  After Paint and dust.
Hope you like them...

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